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The Official Website of National Convention of Educators of the Deaf India (Founded in 1935)

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NCED International Conference 2018 Held at DSM National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow

NCED National Conference 2017 Held at Jodhpur, Rajasthan (Download Report)

NCED National Conference 2016 Held at AIISH, Mysuru

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 5-7 FEBUARY, 2020 

Welcome to Vadodara!!!

Vadodara is the third-largest city in Gujarat, India. It used to be called Baroda. It is the administrative capital or headquarters of the Vadodara district in Gujarat. The city is on the banks of Vishwamitri River. The city is famous for Lakshmi Vilas Palace, an excellent architectural palace. It is also the place for the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (Vadodara), the largest university in the state.


About NCED Gujarat Chapter

Under NCED-India the Gujarat Chapter was formed in 2004 and it was decided
that Akshar Trust, became the nodal institute for the Chapter. Since 2004, 2 members from Akshar Trust have been actively engaged in the work of NCED- Gujarat.

In 2005 a National level Conference was organized at Vadodara. Apart from this national conference, 7 state conferences have been organized in various towns of Gujarat. The first state conference of the Gujarat Chapter was held in Nadiad in 2011, the 2nd at Himmatnagar in 2012. In January 2015 a 3rd conference was organized at Nadiad and in December 2015, a 4th conference was organized At Nadiad. The 5th conference was organized at Vadodara, 2016 and the 6th conference at Bhavnagar, 2017. The 7th conference was organized at Navsari in 2018.


NCED-India: The Vision

The vision of NCED -India is to stimulate, support, and provide leadership for the
improvement of quality of education and training of the deaf and hard of hearing
by empowering professionals to achieve and sustain excellence.

NCED-India: The Mission

  • To assist members in the continuing development of professional skills, underlying knowledge, and professional growth, thus enhancing employment opportunities and contributions to both workplace and community
  • To formulate strategies, choose actions and evaluate results for leadership, integrity, excellence, diversity, and growth for the education and training of the deaf and hard of hearing;
  • To encourage the formation of professional groups at states and union territories of the Republic of India to develop specific strategies, implement and spread activities to improve educational services for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • To protect the interest, rights, and welfare of the professionals through Liaoning and advocacy with government and appropriate authorities;
  • To encourage professionals for their continuum development in their professional skills through sharing of experience, knowledge, skills and research outcomes related to the education and training of the deaf and hard of hearing;
  • To disseminate and exchange information with the government, non-government organizations, related professional, paraprofessional, parents, and community;
  • To stimulate and encourage young people to contribute towards the inclusion, education, and training of the deaf and hard of hearing.


The field of education for children with a disability has extended its reach in the
preceding years to become more inclusive. The concept of inclusion has its dynamics and demands. It embraces both the special educator and the regular
educator. It also makes demands on the community and systems in place. It is to explore this space and the changes that need to be wrought and
strengthened that the 85th conference of NCED-India has been conceived. The
three- day platform at Baroda will investigate and introspect on the various themes
that follow from a broad and informed understanding of Inclusion and the child
with a disability.


‘Cross-Disability Approach for 21st Century Learning and Inclusive Education’

Sub-theme 1: 21st Century learning themes & learning outcomes

• Stakeholders in the 21st-century learning model

• Teacher readiness for 21st Century learners

• Collaborative practices for 21st Century learning

• Learning and innovation in educational practices

• Life & career skills of students with disabilities

Sub-theme 2: Cross Disability facilitating Inclusive Practices

• Cross disability approaches- the pros and cons

• Cross disability approach for early identification and intervention

• Changing role of educators for a cross-disability approach

• Cross disability and multi-disciplinary approaches for inclusive education

• Cross disability facilitating community-based inclusive development

Sub-theme 3 – Universal Design for Learning (UDL) & 21st Century learning

• UDL for enhancing accessibility and learning

• Universal Curricular designs for the 21st century with a cross-disability approach

• Re-designing accessibility of schools for 21st-century learning

• Addressing the needs of differential learners

• Reforms in teacher education for UDL and 21st-century learning

Sub-theme 4 –Technological Supports

• The digital learners

• Technology for cross-disability

• Role of ICT for 21st-century learning

• Educational technology facilitating inclusive practices

• Information management systems for accountability

Sub-theme 5-Effective Practice for All

• Foundational literacy and numeracy

• Holistic development

• Evidenced-based practices

• Collaborative practices

• Parent empowerment

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PAST EVENT:NCED International Conference 2015, Bhubaneshwar